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  • Tableau Fine Arts is a group of enthusiastic artists from around the world, specializing in custom artwork. We are commissioned to create visual expressions via paint and sculpture. We have collaborated with other artists to combine various backgrounds, styles, and techniques to ensure that every project is unique to each of our clients. Our passion for producing customized art pieces is what allows us to focus exclusively on individual needs.

    Our Mission We provide our clients with paintings and sculptures designed specifically to reflect each of their own image. Whether the works are commissioned for the business environment or private residences, we understand our responsibility to promote branding and identity. We share the philosophy that our clients’ interests and artistic tastes come first and we serve to bring their vision to life

    Each as an Individual From the very start, we take the time to get to know each client from the inside out. We believe this is the first step in total client satisfaction. Based on the client’s needs and tastes, as well as space specifications, our team of trained advisors work to create a concept which specifically fulfills the client’s wishes.

    Our Talents Our artists come from all over the globe—locally from Qatar, to Lebanon, to Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, to India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide variety of styles and cultural expressions.

    We are skilled in all stages of renovations as well as new builds. Most importantly, clients can rely on our expertise and professionalism to fulfill their visions.

    Total Implementation We are experts at total implementation. Our clients can expect full service from the very beginning up to delivery and installation. From concept to design, including identifying priorities for artwork locations, and resourcing all genres of art appropriate for your project, as well as custom framing, you can count on us to work with you through all the stages of the project. We also pride ourselves in delivering on time and you can be rest assured that we stay within your budget.

    Our Clients and Services Tableau Fine Arts has assisted in design implementation and executed projects for major international hotels, restaurants, commercial banks, embassy offices, as well as social and clubhouses. We have also had art commissioned for private villas.

    Our services include: